Monday, May 2, 2011

About Her

Her name is N.......
-she is a positive thinking person
-she is a nice person
-she so sweet to my eyes (although she denied it)
-she is loving person
-she is my last soul love
-she have a nice smile
-she like to complain the way i'm walking
-she teach me to clean up th spoon and fork before eat using tissue paper
-she does not like the word "owh" (and i never used that word when talking to her)
-she also a caring person
-she likes to give advise to me
-she likes to motivate me
-she likes to sleep
-she likes to eat "laksa" (laksa stall near to her grandmother house was her favorite)
-she likes "teh ais"
-she likes NIKE
-she likes blogging
-she likes hash brownies
-she likes to play hockey
-she likes to watch National Geographic
-she likes animal especially cats
-and she likes many things more and i like also many things about her....

i miss her so much although she not mine anymore...every day i wait for her message...i'm not expecting her to call me with a sweet name anymore..enough for me if she ask how i'm doing..i miss you N.................


  1. Kalau ada jodoh tak kemana...sabar kawan... :)

  2. So sweet, an honest update from you. Hoping that Ms.N will read this and smile (:

  3. ana:maybe she wont read this

  4. She will read this and she will smile, perhaps, who knows kan? I knew lah girl naaaaa. Haha seems like i know her lah pulak. Haha i'm your new random follower tau. Tak kenal awak pun but it's ok. Good luck final exam!

  5. she doesn't like to smile..but once she smile..her smile so sweet..tq..