Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whats MORE?

If you said that i hurt you a lot did you ever think back how much did you hurt me?
You said that i'm hate to see you happy? Thank you. Now i'm not as a happy person that you ever know me after you left me hanging without answer. Said whatever you want to said about me. I know you always like to said i was wrong and all my action was wrong. Yes, you are the person that have the perfect life, your life and you the only know what are the best for you and only you can make the decision. Haha..now you want to said that i'm not accepting the fate. Hahaha..thank you very much.What else do you want to said about me? I think that was not the best for both of US. If you frustrated with all my action i'm 10x more frustrated than you. But i don't like to blame you and never blame you.

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