Sunday, April 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum..thankz to all my fren yg vote gambar last i won the 1st place..=D
huhu..when can i bought my own are comming..but..i dont have my own can i take the job?....huhu..another exam i just 3 weeks more...i need more time to study..time are so packed...hope i can get DL again this time..insyaallah...pray for me...

this is the picture that i won the competition


  1. dont worry jimiey..insyaallh,jimiey akan dapat ape yg jimiey impikan tu k..bersabar byk2...insyallah..your dream will become true...gud luck 4 final nt..n wish we'all luck for fyp nt k..t ade masa kite jumpa erk..;p

  2. thankz..ninie pn gud luck jgk untuk fyp nnti..sorry xdapat nak tlg sbb agak sibuk skrang